Uhm… okay, scratch that…

Posted: August 20, 2010 in My Thoughts

…It’s not 12 sleeps (should *actually* have been 13, I counted wrong) anymore, it is now 6 (SIX!!) sleeps until PlusOne makes his arrival! Oh my sack! I’ve just lost a whole entire week before delivery…

So earlier today I was telling you about how I don’t want an August baby, and my stubbornness about that. And earlier this week I was commenting about how I’m so totally over this whole pregnancy thing, blah blah blah. Okay, I really Still Don’t Want an August baby, and just because I said that last bit, doesn’t mean I *really* meant it :/

But wait, I’m panicking and freaking out again, so let me just get on to the why’s of the change of plans.

My ancient Ob/Gyn works on what he calls white spots on the placenta and what that means in terms of readiness. Two weeks ago, at the scan, my placenta still showed up as perfectly black and clean and spot free. He then said he had no reason to believe that I shan’t be able to carry PlusOne until the 2nd of September. And then we go today, do another scan, and my oh my, my whole placenta looks like a starry night sky! The sort you only get to experience at Badplaas or in an open veld somewhere far from the smog of the city.

I’m not entirely sure what these white spots are called, but my doc basically explained to me something about echo spots and that this indicates that the baby is cooked nicely and ready to face the world. In other words, if the baby is born now, he is developed enough to survive in the outside world without medical intervention on his lungs/breathing and such.

It was at this point that the good doctor casually mentioned that things looking as beautiful as they are, that we come in on Thursday next week, so he can deliver the baby. “Huh?! Nee, wag, sorry dokter, next week you said?!?” But we can’t because its not the 2nd September and you said the 2nd and now its a week earlier and it’s too early and and and… And I hit a panic-wobbly. I know as soon as I get my head around this, all will be well and fine and dandy, but at that moment it all felt like a bit too much too soon.

My doctor then explained to me that the white spots is an indicator that the baby is ready to come out by himself. It’s improbable (not impossible though) that PlusOne will come by himself within the next week, but after that he can’t be too sure. It could then happen at any time before the 2nd, or I may even carry until then, or even longer than that still.

Now call me a pissy if you like, but laid back as I am, I like my life to be just so. I don’t stress about much, because I don’t know how to handle it, so I just opt not to do it. I don’t deal with change well and I like to know what’s happening so I can arrange and compartmentalise everything in my head.

I would much rather wake up on the 26th, eat and drink as much as I like till 11, go in at 14:30, complete the paper work, be wheeled into theatre at 17:00, have my baby at 17:30 and be all calm and collected about everything, than waking up in the middle of the night, with contractions of note, waking someone to look after a sleeping Boobah, speeding to the hospital, panicking that MY doctor is going to make it on time and some stranger has to do the op at who knows what hour and nothing is going according to plan. Just the idea of this is enough to freak me out.

Another thing that this change in date has brought about, is that my parentals have had to change their travel plans. For my Moederloef it wasn’t a problem, and the Old Man sorted out his things too, so now they’re coming out on the 25th instead of the 29th. Yay! I get to see them a couple of days sooner πŸ˜€

And that’s also why I need to do this the scheduled way. Because my folks are Island Dwellers, they can’t just arrive at my side on a whim. So if I stick it out to a day that is not planned, I can’t guarantee that they’ll be here on time and I NEED MY PARENTALS to be there. Not the outlaws, MY units!!

Lastly, my EDD has always been the 4th of Sept, so the 26th of August would be more or less the right time on which a scheduled c-section would normally have taken place anyway. I’ll be 38 and something odd weeks along then.

Oh, and according to the scan machines, PlusOne weighs about 3 kilos now, which is pretty good for me, seeing as I don’t have all that much physical space for a baby much bigger than that as it is…

Okay, time to love you and leave you. It’s still 2 sleeps until my birthday πŸ™‚

Much love x 3.5

  1. Ankia says:

    I was wondering about the discrepancy in the sleeps πŸ™‚ Now #plus1 will be born on @hesmarie ‘s birthday so I’ll never forget πŸ™‚

    Each to their own on the choice of method of giving birth thing, but I loved the natural thing! Made me feel like superwoman! Lol!

  2. Good luck with the last few days.

  3. Angel says:

    So when do we get the delivery story and the first pictures!??!

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