I am not forgotten…

Posted: May 25, 2010 in My Thoughts

…and I am loved. This time, I’ve been loved twice 😀 MeeA and Megan deemed me fit to be awarded a ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award. I feel so special now.

As with all blogger award, this one has rules attached to it. But who cares, right, as it means you get to spread the blogger love even more, and isn’t that what our blogging community is all about?

So, rule number 1: Acknowledge the award giver (or givers in this case 😉 ) – Again, thank you MeeA and Megan.

Rule number 2: State 7 previously unknown/random facts about yourself.

  1. When it comes to my sandwiches, I like mine cut square, in half. Not diagonally so they make two big ass triangles. Diagonally cut sandwiches feels snobby to me. TD reckons my square cut sandwiches are dumb and refers to them as ‘Koshuis Broodjies’ (boarding school bread). I don’t care, that’s how I like them!
  2. I don’t like  those ice-cream cones or edible cookie cups. It looks and tastes like colored cardboard. If I *have* to have a cone, rather give me a sugar cone. Or better yet, you keep your cone and just give me the ice cream in a cup I can throw away. Much less messy and it lasts so much longer.
  3. I have a Cars lunch tin. Yes, it’s mine. No, it’s not Boobah’s. I bought this one for me (!). He can borrow it for school, as long as he brings it back, and that can only happen on occasion, just in case he loses it.
  4. My favoritest smell/flavour in the whole world is Vanilla. Vanilla bath oils, Vanilla Latte’s, Vanilla flavored milk, you name it, if it’s vanilla, I probably like it.
  5. Currently, my iPod contains only the following: Gregorian Chants, Il Divo and Majors for Minors. I’m really feeling the classical/soothing/calm vibe lately. This also helps me focus.
  6. One day, when TD actually decides to propose and I get to start planning our wedding and the big day FINALLY arrives, our First Dance song is going to be: Il Divo & Celine Dion – I believe in you. This has been our future wedding song since very, very early on in our relationship, and even though many years have passed, and the plans in my head for our wedding has constantly changed and evolved, this is the one thing that has never been changed or brought up for reconsideration. This is our wedding song:
  7. I want to get another tattoo. This may or may not be
  1. my last one. I have 3 already, all of which I got before I met TD. He doesn’t like tattoos at all, and accepts them as part of me, but doesn’t want to see me get anymore. However, this is just one of those things I’m going to do anyway, as soon as I’ve found and settled on a design, and will need to wait until after the birth of PlusOne. I want my boys’ initials, inked on my wrist. I need to either design, or find a design, or commission a design of their 2 initials A & A that somehow links and intertwines with each other, and there must also be stars. But not girly stars, boys stars. So it cant be pink or anything… Maybe for my birthday, as a belated present to myself.

Lastly, rule number 3 states that I need to pass on this award to 10 bloggers I’ve recently discovered, who I have found to be worthy of being called a Versatile Blogger. Now, some of these bloggers aren’t new discoveries, per se, but I feel they deserve to be award anyhow. This is MY blog, and I get to make some of the rules, no? So, in no particular order, besides alphabetical, here are my 10 deserving bloggers:

  1. Acidicice
  2. AngelInAfrica
  3. Bananaramagirl
  4. Beagle_Momma
  5. Caz
  6. Cazpi
  7. Jenty
  8. The Jackson Files
  9. TotallyCooked
  10. Wenchy

Much love x 3.5

  1. beagle_momma says:

    awesome, thank u so much 😀

  2. Natasha says:

    Beautiful song!!

  3. Thanks for the award 🙂

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  5. You know, I love my sandwiches the triangle way. Somehow they just taste nicer to me. My hubby loves your way.

    • boobahsmom says:

      My granny has this way of cutting my sandwiches in 3. So it also comes out triangley, but it feels more gourmet somehow 😉 But I never cut it that way myself; square, right down the middle, thank you very much… LOL

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