I’m very sorry…

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…to do this to you, but I’ve ventured into the big girl blogging side of the world, and set up my very own domain:



Aren’t you just super proud of me? And after some serious trial and error and fiddling here and fiddling there, I managed to get everything right and eventually got this blog imported into the new site, so I don’t lose anything and everything I’ve achieved so far.

Also, the idea came to me that I’m not just Boobah’s mom anymore. I am now also #AWeSome’s mom, and I don’t even refer to them like that anymore, now it’s just A1 and A2, so the very basics of this blog had to change. And this being nearly impossible to change my blogaddress with a WordPress.com blog, I figured it’s time to just buy my own name and get on with it.

And I have to ask another favour – If you do perhaps come across an issue or an error or something on the new site, please let me know so I can fix it. This whole domain setup and self hosting (?) thing is very new to me, so there might still be snags hiding around the corner…

I normally hate when I have to do this, because it feels like so much schlep, (even though it actually isn’t in the end), but I need you all to please update your readers, inboxes, rss feeder things, email subscriptions and blogrolls to my new address. I sincerely hope it’s not too much trouble, and that you continue to find me interesting and care to read what I write, even though it’s not here on this specific blog.


I DO love you so for all the trouble I’m putting you through.


Much love x 3.


My Sewing Journey…

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…From the beginnig.

I thought I’d do a post on all my projects from when I started sewing. I think I have photos of most of the things I’ve made so far.

This post is not just to show you my stuff, but also more of a reminder for me of how far I’ve come since those early days 🙂

*I do apologise beforehand about the quality of some of the photos. My BB doesn’t have a fantastic camera 😦 *

(From earliest to latest unpublished projects)

Burpcloth with Waterproof Backing

Burpcloth with Waterproof Backing

Hooded Towel with Fairy Binding - a Baby Shower gift for my BFF

Hooded Towel with Fairy Binding – a Baby Shower gift for my BFF

Matching Fairy Hooded Receiving Blanket

Matching Fairy Hooded Receiving Blanket

Fairy Changing Mat

Fairy Changing Mat

Fairy Nappy and Wet Wipes Holder for a Nappy Bag

Fairy Nappy and Wet Wipes Holder for a Nappy Bag

Fairy Burp Cloth

Fairy Burp Cloth

Fancy Schmancy Duvet Cover for our bed

Fancy Schmancy Duvet Cover for our bed

Another Nappy and Wet Wipes holder

Another Nappy and Wet Wipes holder

Scatter Cushions for our Bed to math the Duvet cover

Scatter Cushions for our Bed to math the Duvet cover

Nappy Clutch Bag - Outside

Nappy Clutch Bag – Outside

Nappy Clutch Bag - Inside with Matching fold up Changing Mat

Nappy Clutch Bag – Inside with Matching fold up Changing Mat

Infant Sun Hat for A2

Infant Sun Hat for A2

New Born Summer Breezy Shirt

New Born Summer Breezy Shirt

Mad Hatter Style Top Hat for A1

Mad Hatter Style Top Hat for A1

An A2 essential - His comfy taggy blanky

An A2 essential – His comfy taggy blanky

Matching Space bedding for the A's. A standard single bed duvet cover and a camping cot size cover

Matching Space bedding for the A’s. A standard single bed duvet cover and a camping cot size cover

Bunnies and Play Mats…

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Sew What!?

…between last night and today…

After having made the Suede Nursing Pillow and matching Bunny for A2 yesterday, I of course had to make a bunny for A1 too. Well, because he IS only 3 and a half and also, his baby is getting a whole bunch of stuff and the poor child must be feeling quite neglected, because mommy never makes him anything…

So, I made his bunny. Out of black Velour. Like I said in the previous post, I *don’t* know why I always choose the most difficult of fabrics to work with as a beginner!! But that’s okay, I eventually got it right and A1 loves his bunny. He’s been walking around with it a lot since he got it.

Black Velour Bunny for A1

I really love the fabric though. It’s so soft and almost has a warm quality to it. Who knows, I may just get more and make more soft animals/toys with it.

Then, last night, I started cutting the squares for A2’s quilted play mat. It’s not a play mat like the Tiny Love ones with toys and cross bars and such, but rather a mat we can take around to friends’ houses or outside to play on, like a blanket. Here’s a picture of what I mean:

A2's Play Mat

I decided on using a thick denim fabric as the backing, to make it more hard wearing. This way it will also last way beyond the baby years, and I’m sure as he grows older, we’ll be able to find alternative uses for it. I finished it off with a decorative top stitch, which turned out to be more intensive than I initially thought. I had to concentrate a whole lot harder than I would’ve liked, but it’s okay, I’m still chuffed with the way it turned out. I might not ever use *that* particular stitch for something so big though, but now I know. If I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t have known.

Denim Backside with Decorative Stitching

I’m LOVING that animal print fabric! I’ve used it for a bunch of other stuff for A2 too. It’s just about finished, but I think I’m definitely going to buy some more of it! It comes in pink too. I have some pink, and I have a project idea lined up for that already. Fortunately, I still have time for that particular project (I’m looking at you, Megan!).

Next up, I think I might make some bibs. I have this awesome collection of bibs that’s just screaming to be made! I think A2 is going to look SO very very cute 😉

Much love x 3


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…Blog fodder.

As most of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’ve recently developed a new hobby: Sewing. It’s been about 2 or 3 months now, and I really feel like I just get better at it with each project I attempt 🙂

I’ve also decided that I’m going to start blogging about the stuff I make, because a) it’s where I can jot down notes about stuff I’ve learnt/will change for the next time I make the same thing, and b) to share the fun I’m having with you. I really am quite proud of everything I’ve made thus far!

So far, I’ve only really made baby stuff and accessories and some bedding sets. I’m not really into making clothes and such, so I don’t think that’ll be an avenue I’m going to pursue in the near future. I’m making stuff for the boys, because they won’t care that I don’t know how to do a blind hem stitch by hand yet… I really need to learn how to though 🙂
Oh, and I desperately need to get a thimble! My thumb is stuffed after last night!

Let’s begin with last nights’ project. Yesterday, I was allowed to go shop for fabrics as part of my Xmas present. I had a semi budget, which I more or less stuck to for a change. I bought a whole bunch of yellow, lime green and turquoisey blue fabrics. Just a meter of each. That’s how I sew: I first buy the fabric and THEN I decide what to make with it 😉 backwards, I know.

Anyhoodle, I also bought some patterns for a change, instead of just downloading them and getting ideas off the internet. I can now make very cute stuff!

With the patterns in hand, and an idea of what I want to make, I got some suede to make a Nursing Pillow, with a matching bunny.

(I don’t know why I tend to choose difficult fabrics to work with, specially since I’m only a beginner sewer)

I have to say, I’m SUPER chuffed with how the pillow and the bunny came out! Doesn’t look too shabby at all. AND A2 seems to agree!

Next up: Making a black velour bunny for A1

Blue side

Blue side

Green Side

Green Side

A2 with his Bunny

A2 with his Bunny

Look how well it works :)

Look how well it works 🙂

I really should…

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…blog more, but lately it’s been hard for me to either find the time, drive or words to write…

Although I guess its time for my monthly update (you know, the novel I write once a month to highlight the highlights of the past few weeks?). So sit back, relax and get ready to be updated 🙂

Where’s that list I made earlier so I could remember everything I wanted to tell you..?

In no particular order of importance:

  • I found the list, and just so you know, it’s written on A3 drawing paper (pre-scribbled) in blue pencil. It’s the only stationery type things I could find 😛
  • I seem to sort of have the PND under control. I am still on medication, and after going to my GP for a repeat prescription, instead of that very very expensive doctor, he agreed that we could drop one of each of the anti-depressants and mood stabilisers. He has also decided to start weaning me off the Risperlet (an Anti-Psychotic), because he doesn’t perceive me to be a) Psychotic and b) have Post Natal Psychosis. Turns out the Risperlet was merely as a preventative measure, and now that I’m over the worst of it/have it under control, it is very unlikely that I will develop PNP. If I “do” sometimes forget to take my tablets, I can still become teary at the drop of a hat, or overly sensitive about petty things.
  • The other tablets he left me with, which will have to be a more long term solution (a year at least) is WellbutrinXL. This is an anti-depressant, with the added benefit/side effect of also helping me to quit smoking. I’ve been taking the tablets a month, and even though I haven’t stopped smoking completely yet, I have noticed a change in the amount I smoke, as well as certain habits. But speaking of habits, I AM an habitual smoker. Hours can go by, without me thinking of having one, and then all of a sudden, I realise I haven’t smoked in ages, then I have to have one, maybe two straight away. I think it is now more of a mindset change I need to make, if I am to quit for good.
  • In general though, I’ve not really experienced any other adverse side-effects from being on the WellbutrinXl or the Risperlet. I just feel like my normal self again, for which I am very thankful.
  • Our two week non-holiday in Mauritius with my folks was amazing and fabulous and just what I needed to get me out of the rut that was my life not so long ago. A change in my daily routine, as well as all the mommy-love and help I received in those two weeks did wonders to my psyche. We lounged on the beach, at the house and in the shade. We had sundowners on the beach almost every night. Even A1 had kiddy-friendly sundowners, which his Nannie specially made for him to look like ours. During those two weeks, A1 not only learned to swim, but sommer got his snorkelling act on too. I was and am so SO very proud of my boy.
    I think A2 enjoyed himself too. He definitely enjoyed all the doting from his Nannie! Maybe not so much the heat. My poor boy spent most of the two weeks dressed only in his nappy, but if he didn’t actually need it, I’m sure he’d have been buck naked. It was very hot and humid, but still lovely. It made swims in the sea so much more fun! Although, I don’t think A2 liked the sea very much – I tried, I even put his costume on, slathered him with sunblock and everything. Then as soon as his feet touched the water, he started screaming blue bloody murder, so that idea didn’t pan out so well.
    He was generally a very happy baby though.
  • Overall, it’s going really well with the boys. A1 told me the other day that his ears don’t always work because sometimes their batteries are flat :/ Well, that explains a lot then. A2 has started solids. Same age as what A1 started on, and it’s going really well. So far, he’s had cooked maize porridge (the Purity baby ones), a multi grain cereal (our current favorite breakfast) and butternut, carrots and sweet potato. He loves the cereal and the sweet potato, enjoyed the butternut and porridge to an extent, but ate the carrots because I gave it to him. I don’t think he’ll actually choose carrots if he had a choice though. And honestly, I’m not very keen on the carrot nappies either 😛
  • A2 also had his last shots for a while on Monday. Next up will be at 9 months, so we have atleast 5 and a half months before then as a break.Although, he handled the shots very well, and I can’t really complain about him being any more niggly than usual, which isn’t a lot to begin with. He is generally such a happy contented child, and I hope it stays this way. Most days I enjoy having the little person around, but then you get days like today, where he cried and screamed for almost 3 hours solid. And when he does fall asleep, 2 minutes after I put him down, he’s awake and screamy again. I gave him some gripe water, which helped for 10 minutes. I smoked two smokes in those 10 minutes!! One to calm me down and one to give me strength! I was so very grateful when TD got home at half past 6.
  • It’s been about a week and a half since we moved into the #newhousey and it has probably been the best one and a half weeks of my life!! I am loving my house and being all domesticated and grown-uppy. This has been a big move for us, but I’m glad we took the plunge and actually bought the place. We may need to pull the belts a little tighter for the next couple of months, until the extra expenses settle down, but overall, I’m sure we’ll be fine and happy in our home. I can really see the boys growing up here. Also, I think the move from the cesspool into the tranquil of the new house, has played a big role in my getting a grip on the depression. The outlaws were major role-players in me getting to the point of actually developing PND.
  • I’m still sewing, perhaps a little bit sporadically at the moment, but it’s happening still. I’m rather quite chuffed with myself, I have to admit, as I spent most of yesterday making new bedding for the boys. Initially, it was supposed to be a project for A1, as A2 was benefiting the most from my sewing experiments, but it turned out I bought enough fabric to have some left over when A1’s stuff was finished, that I could make an identical mini set of cot bedding for A2. It looks awesome, and even more so because the boys are sharing a room, and they have the matchy-matchy bedding on. I’m proud of myself and how far I’ve come!
    Don’t you just luvvit?
  • Late last week, due to an accident, A1 broke my 3G modem. It’s not in pieces, but I think a connection on the inside sustained some damage, because it’s not doing the flashy light thing or launching the Vodafone app like it should. And I tried this in two different machines, and it didn’t work in either one. This posed a problem for me, as I rely on my 3G not only for social internet, but also because I still have work to do for my company, and I can ONLY do that via internet. So, I dashed to the mall, and stopped at all the Vodacom stores inside, after holding on for the upgrades section for 20 minutes to find out if perhaps just maybe I could qualify for an early upgrade. No luck, as their systems were down, and there wasn’t a Vodacare shop at the mall anyway – the closest one being in the next town – so I dropped in at Incredible Corruption to see if maybe just maybe they could help me. Luck was on my side, as a) the lady’s system was online, even though it was super slow and b) I did in fact qualify for the upgrade. Woohoo, because this meant I could get a new machine too!!! I’m all for new technology at regular intervals, just fyi! I looked at getting a new Macbook Pro, but they couldn’t do me a good deal on it, so I settled for the most expensive normal off-the-shelf notebook they had on the floor. Yes, I’m a tech brat, and I’m bragging about it….

Fuck! Shit! Dammit!!! I lost the next bit of my post due to my own stupidity 😦 Now I have to rewrite the whole last bit, and guaranteed it wont be the same the second time round … *Insert cry here*

  • Now, because I’ve got the new notebook, my Macbook is up for sale. It’s in very good condition, as I only ever used it for personal stuff, so it wasn’t lugged around much. It comes with MS Office 2008 AND Adobe Web Premium CS4 already installed. I’m looking for R 8,000.00, but I am willing to negotiate too. As you know, new houses come with a lot of added extra expenses not previously budgeted for, so the money would really come in handy right about now. Please pass this bit of news on to anyone you think that may be interested.
    (On a side-note though, I did list the Macbook on Gumtree and Junkmail, but international buyers who would like to buy it for the sister/cousin/daughter as an xmas/birthday/graduation present, who are even willing to pay the FedEx Express postage charges to West Africa, aren’t really my type of clientele…)

I think this concludes the Nov/Dec issue. Please stay tuned for the Dec/Jan issue, which will be delivered to your Inbox/Reader free of charge. Coming Soon!

Much love x 3

May Paki – Part 2

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So, Mr (yes, turns out it’s a man) May Paki left a comment on my post about Vaginismus, which I LOL’ed at here.


Here’s a follow-up comment left by Mr. Paki in response to all your LOL’s:

Yes we do have FREE WILL. We also have the right to violate God.
We also have the freedom to commit sins.
Violating a nun’s vagina is RAPE. It is IMMORAL.

Primary Vaginismus = nun’s vagina or celibacy

There was one episode in the Tyra Banks show, May 19, 2009.
A woman named Kelsie had level 4 Primary Vaginismus. Yet she got pregnant.

How did she get pregnant? Here’s how it went:
She said she was under heavy medication while her husband had “sex” with her. She said her mind was OUT OF IT when the intercourse happened.

For me, that is BORDERLINE RAPE. Their baby is a product of RAPE.
I am a man but I think it is almost criminal and immoral to completely disregard a woman’s feelings (or lack of it) during intercourse.

If a woman stills tries to FORCE HERSELF to do it in spite the pain, she has no self respect, no self esteem. Because to her, sex is just an obligation to please another and not an expression of MUTUAL affection/pleasure.
Sex involves mutual affection/consent. It should please both of them.

If not, then it is considered RAPE.

If she can’t become a nun, she should at least be celibate.
It will END her misery. She just went astray by getting married.

Sex is not for everyone.
Yes, a woman can get pregnant without intercourse. That seems artificial. I don’t know how God would feel about that.

I am not a Bible fan. Nuns are not mentioned in the Bible either.
I am just MODERATELY AGNOSTIC but thinks that God has reasons for everything.

Vaginismus may be the strongest evidence that God exist. Some HIGHER POWER can manipulate a woman’s body.

I am a MAN who thinks that Married Virgins are laughable. I think they should divorce.


I think it’s more meant for TheCaz and her reply…


And with this I end the May Paki chapter **weirdo**


I spoke about my working holiday earlier. We travelled to the UK, my then boyfriend and I, as most South African scholl leavers do. We worked in some factories in Lincolnshire for  a while, then we got the opportunity to go work in a little town called Inverary in Scotland, where we worked in The George Hotel there. The hotel is older than discovered America, and the little town overlooks a Loch of it’s own. What an awesomely beautiful place. It’s breathtaking, and when I look at photos of our time there, I remember it fondly. The people were all so nice and friendly and homely.

So what do I hope to do? I hope to one day be able to take TD and teh kids there, to go show them the town and climb the hill and explore the surrounding villages. I want to show the kids Inverary Castle, and the room of swords and armour. I want to show them the Duchess of Inverary’s wedding dress, which gave the inspiration for my future wedding dress, if we were ever to get married in the winter time. I want to buy them Galaxy chocolates and offer them McVities Jaffa Cakes.

I’ll wait until they’re older though, because I don’t think they’ll really appreciate any of those things at the moment, LOL!

I generally forgive and forget quite easily, and quickly. There’s no lasting incidents in my life. I hate clinging on to the negativity, because I’m generally such a happy go lucky person.

I know I moan about the outlaws a lot, and it seems that I never forgive them for anything, but the thing is, I do forgive them, it’s just that they constantly do things that piss me off or upset me or requires moaning about… Although, the happy tablets are really making a big difference in the way I perceive things about them now, and I can now sit and reflect that perhaps just maybe some of the things they do that irritated me weren’t such a big a deal at all, really. I may perhaps just possibly have been slightly petty at that stage…

But don’t get me wrong, the above only applies to about 1 out of every 10 things 😛

I have to forgive myself for all the stupid, stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life. The kids are NOT one of my mistakes, don’t EVER think that again.

One could be glass half-full and chalk the mistakes up to learning life’s lessons, and boy, have I learnt a bunch of them then.

There’s not just one particular incident I can think of at the moment, but rather a bunch of small ones over the years. Although, if I could do my working holiday all over again, I’d definitely travel more! I would like to explore more and see more and do more. Not work in one place for ever and a day, because then you’re doing the working holiday thing all wrong – you’re totally missing the holiday bit of it.

I love my laugh. And I love the fact that I have stuff to laugh about.

Besides the PND I’ve had recently, I laugh alomost daily, as Boobah just comes with the funniest things. Sometimes I’m amazed at how grown up he really is now, not just a baby anymore. He’s such a funny, funny child!

I love the fact that I make absolutely GORGEOUS kidlets!! Go look at them here, snapped by Sharon of Lifestyle Images Photography.

I love me. At one stage it bordered on the other side of the vanity line, but I’m older now. I just love me for who I am and what I believe in. I like being me.